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it took me one whole day to finish reading the latest, the seventh and the last of harry potter books, the deathly hallows. at 5:55 am, on 24th july 2007 to be exact, in between sleeps and naps i took. it's the best book i've ever read. i laughed, cried and shocked with every turn points in the story. important things in the book, spoilers alert:

1) list of important casualties:teddy tonks (father of nymphadora), dobby the free elf (from the chamber of secrets, i mourned his death), nymphadora tonks, remus lupin, and of course, voldermort himself.
2) dudley and kreacher is not that bad person/house elf after all
3) luna lovegood developed a great personality in this book
4) the brilliant seven potters decoy
5) severus snape IS innocence, more innocent than albus dumbledore i must say
6) albus dumbledore is not that good person after all, but i forgave him at the end
7) deathly hallows are these three things: the elder wand (albus dumbledore's wand, won from grindelwald), resurrection stone (the stone from albus' ring), and the invisibility cloak (inheritance of potter's family from prevell brothers)
8) harry will marry ginny and they have two boys, james and albus severus together with one girl whom they named lily. and hermione will marry ron.

this book deserved to be named as is. not like the sixth book which doesn't really about half-blood prince but more about the horcruxes.

and for those who thumbed down the movie, i must say that only the true fans of harry potter will appreciate the movie because this time, the movie truly cater and serve for us fans, not for the ignorant lot.

i loved the movie..regardless of what people said...
anyway I haven't finish the book yet..banyak lagi nak dibaca..I still have some Law books to read...waaa..

kehkehkeh....nasib baik anjang off...dapt abiskan sehari bersama member2 hogwarts...besh giler....the besh!

yorrr la...anjang is always damm crazy wif those...dalam bilik anjang saja dah jd personal library, we don't need to go to borders,mph, popular or wut so ever...borrowing services ek!!!

anyway i da tau naper mad eye moody mesti mati...sebab post tacher for dark art class kan da kena jinxed oleh tom riddle (aka voldemort) sebab albus reject dier....kecian....and then i really like luna lovegood nyer karakter...

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