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Me, Harry Potter.

google this: "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows filetype:torrent"

best source for all things potter: http://www.mugglenet.com/

and if you want to watch people from mugglenet reading the book (only today), go to http://www.mugglenet.com/app/news/full_story/1125

the whole world (i really mean it) is currently in potter craze day. y'know, i thot im in night shift today, turned out that i actually should workin day shift, so i'm late 2 hours but thanks to zul for alarming me in the morning at 8.30 and picked me up at the terminal. if not, i might be even late or come in the wrong shift. but then, i missed the launching of the seventh harry potter. btw, it's the after work story that i actually want to tell you about. right after taking bus to key-ell, i stopped by at borders, times square, thinking that i might get my hand on harry potter and the deathly hallows. shit, sold out already. and the shopkeeper even told me that i have to wait for the next two weeks to get it. d'oh. the moral of the story is, always listen to atong, book early. i hope i could read it by tomorrow. :P it sucks. it really does. recalling back my memories of the first six books, i read all first five books in six days at the start of raya 2003 (or 2004 izzit?.), then i booked the sixth book at kinokuniya. got it first day (queing) and now, i have to wait for weeks just to read the most celebrated literature in the world? middle-finger. thank you.

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wow.. another harry potter fan... !

me luv harry potter's universe too :)

i remember many a nite snuggled up cozily in bed reading the exciting adventures within Hogwarts' walls at night too

but i guess my style is different to yours.. i take ma time readin.. and wouldn't wanna finish a book in a day (sorry!)

i took 5 weeks to read Azkaban (exciting finale!),4 months for Goblet and 7 months to read Order of the Phoenix (thouroughly enjoyed the plateau of excitement generated mid-book onwards via Umbridge, the Weasley twins' rebellion, and the duels with the Death-Eaters in the Dept of Mysteries..

BUT... i've just started Half blood Prince (after a 2 year hiatus)... blum lagi tau anything that happenz in Deathly Hallows bah.. so... arghh.. dun tell me anything, hehe...pleaseeee... :)

my fav movies were 1,3 and 5.. and fav books so far - 3 and 5



hehehe owkay...its juz whenever i dah baca harry baca...i cant put it down until the ending. its that freaking addictive and exciting...its like a journey of souls you dont want to be left behind! and tell you what, HARRY POTTER made GEEKS&NERDS RAWKS!!!!

yer ker..? tapi Ed susah nak jumpe kawan yg sama2 minat harry potter...

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